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Welcome to NM Transportation, one of New York's Most Agile Fleets.

We enjoy providing safe and professional transportation services and we love what we do…in fact we’re a little obsessed. Good for us? No, good for you! Call 1-718-274-9501


We enjoy providing safe and professional transportation services and we love what we do…in fact we’re a little obsessed.  Good for us?  No, good for you!

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NM Transportation is the first black car company to offer our passengers the ability to reserve, track and complete all requests using our smartphone application.

We’ve got the technology



As an NM Transportation corporate account holder, you will receive priority status reservations at all times.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Are you fully covered and insured

NM Transportation is fully insured, licensed and authorized as a black car base in New York, (Base#: B02225).

We carry $5,000.000 General Liability and $1,500,000 Automobile Liability coverage.

Do you operate 24 hours a day?

Yes! Our operators are available to take your call 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. We are open during holidays as well.

We want to make sure you have the transportation you need no matter what day or time it is. Call us at 1-718-274-9501.

What happens when flights are delayed or cancelled?

No worries! When you make your reservation for airport pickup we collect your airline and flight number, then we are able to monitor your flight status.

We will always know that your flight is late even before you do! We will adjust your pickup time accordingly. If your flight is cancelled we we will cancel your reservation or rebook your pickup for different flight.

Do you supply car seats?

Yes, we can provide car seats and booster seats. Please allow us two hour window for this service if you dont have a prior reservation.

When you are booking your reservation please make sure you reuest a car seat with your ride.

How can we help?

Do you charge for parking at airports?

We track flight arrival times at all NY metro airports to ensure that car parking time is kept to a minimum.

For account customers, we charge parking fees upon billing. We provide 30 minutes free parking time in NY JFK and LGA airports.

Do you charge waiting time at airports?

We track flight arrival times at all NY metro airports to help ensure there is as little waiting time as possible.

In addition, we always allow 30 minutes waiting time from when your flight lands. For our account customers the first 30 minutes of waiting time is complimentary. Any waiting time over the initial 30 minutes will be charged accordingly.

I've left my bag or another item in your car. What should I do?

We make every effort to ensure that all lost property is brought back to the NM Transportation office and kept sefely until you are able to collect it..

You can contact our office at 1-718-274-9501 or by email

Does the amount of luggage effect the price of the ride?

No, there is no extra charge regardless of the amount of luggage that you carry in one of our vehicles.

However luggage capacity may be limited depending on how many passengers are being transported in the vehicle and what type of vehicle is requested. For more information on luggage capacity please consult our reservation specialist while booking your ride.

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